What To Expect At A Beginners Course

A Beginners course at Hills Yoga School is a step-by-step introduction to Iyengar Yoga.  Students are taught the foundation poses with an emphasis on standing poses. These poses build strength and stamina and give a good sense of balancing the body evenly over both legs. With this foundation in place, some seated poses can be introduced, and preparation begins for shoulder stand. Shoulder stand is a very achievable ‘inversion’, where the legs are higher than the torso and head.

Guidance from a skilled teacher will assist students to gain knowledge about their bodies and learn more about their strengths and challenges.  The foundation poses learnt in a Beginners course will enable students to continue their learning in Level 1 classes and beyond as their practice deepens and their confidence increases.

Iyengar Yoga uses ‘props’, such as blankets, belts, blocks, bolsters chairs and ropes. These help to facilitate learning and enable adjustment of yoga postures to suit individual needs. They may also be used to enhance the restorative or therapeutic qualities of a practice.

After a few classes, students often express their surprise at how good they feel after the class. Teachers will encourage some home practice to build upon what is done in class. Simple practice sequences are available for home practice, and props can be purchased from the school. When students progress to Level 1 classes, attendance at more than one class a week is encouraged. Consistent practice and attendance at classes are the key to improvement. Students who practice regularly notice that they have a greater sense of well-being and appreciate how much their practice helps them cope with life’s pressures.

The Iyengar system of Yoga emphasises correct alignment of all parts of the body within each pose. Each class is sequenced so that it builds on prior learning, and a student can gradually develop more strength, stamina and flexibility. Through our Yoga practice we can develop self-awareness and intelligent observation of our bodies. Yoga is a holistic practice that unites mind, body and breath.  It is suitable for all ages, and all levels of fitness.