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+ Where is Hills Yoga based?

Adelaide Hills Yoga School is situated in the beautiful Adelaide Hills district of Stirling, just an 8 minute drive from the tollgate.

+ Will I develop fitness with yoga?

Yoga is a holistic practice where mind, body and breath unite to develop a calmer mind and a fitter, more flexible body. With consistent practice, you will definitely reap these benefits.

+ How often should I attend these classes?

Most students begin with one class a week and then progress to 2 or 3 times per week. Obviously the more classes you attend, the more progress you will make!

+ How many times a week should I practice at home?

As often as you can!! Even 15 minutes daily can be beneficial and is generally better than one longer practice a week.

+ Do I need to book?

You only need to book into Beginners courses.

+ How can I pay?

You can either pay online through our website, internet banking or by cash, credit card, EFTPOS or cheque when you attend.

+ Can I book online?

Yes, you can book online. Just go to our Bookings page.

+ What is your timetable?

You can access our timetable here on our website. We have classes for beginners through to advanced students.

+ Do I need to bring anything to class?

No. All equipment is supplied but you are welcome to bring your own mat if you prefer. You can purchase props from the school. For more information, go to our Equipment page here.

+ How long are classes?

Class length varies. Beginners classes are generally 1 hour, Level 1 classes are 1.25 hours and the more Advanced classes go for 1.5 hours.

+ What should I wear?

Wear comfortable clothing and be able to have bare feet. No strong perfume.

+ What if I'm sick or something happens and my 10-pass expires?

You can contact Stephanie either via the website messages here or by phone on 0439 885 819 to arrange an extension.

+ Will yoga help me to relax and be lessed stressed?

With consistent attendance, you will begin to experience a greater sense of overall well-being. The mind becomes calmer and clearer and because the body begins to feel better this also contributes to feeling less stressed.

+ Do I have to be young, fit and flexible to start yoga?

You can commence yoga at any age regardless of fitness level. Our teachers are experienced at helping each student work to their potential. Where extreme limitations may be present, then private therapy sessions with Stephanie are recommended.

+ I'm unfit, quite old, overweight, and inflexible; Can I still do Iyengar?

Iyengar Yoga is accessible to all. You only need an open heart and a willing mind. Because we make use of props, students are able to achieve poses that may otherwise not be possible.

+ What is Iyengar Yoga and how does it vary from other types of yoga?

Iyengar yoga focuses on good alignment in poses and precise work in the poses – so it focuses on doing things properly to achieve the greatest benefits and sustaining poses for longer periods of time, depending on one’s fitness level, to build up strength and stamina, mentally and physically. Iyengar yoga makes use of props to help students open parts of their body that are difficult to access without. It can be considered a meditation on movement. Teachers undergo rigorous training so you can be sure that you will receive high quality teaching and care.

+ Can I do yoga if I am pregnant?

You can do yoga if you are pregnant. You will be guided by your teacher and poses will be modified to suit your condition.

+ Do you have a child minding creche?

No sorry, we do not have a creche at present.

+ Do you have yoga classes for children?

Yes we have Children & Family Yoga classes! Check our Timetable for class times. Join our mailing list and be the first to hear of the start times for these new classes. We will also publish the start dates on our Latest News page.

+ Are classes mixed with men and women?

Yes, all the classes are currently mixed.

+ Shall I start with Beginners or Level 1?

If you are new to Yoga, then Beginners is the best place for you to start.

+ I have done the Beginners Course; How do I know if I am ready for Level 1?

Talk to your teacher and they will advise you.

+ Do you have any parking facilities?

Students please note that we are not permitted to park in the undercover car park, but are free to park anywhere else on the grounds. There is plenty of parking available on both sides of the old house.

+ What qualifies for concession?

Full-time students and health-care card holders.